Estimated Costs of Moving

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Most furniture removalists receive calls from potential clients every day asking:
“I am moving from point A to point B and have a standard (1, 2, 3 or 4) bedroom house, what would be the estimated costs of moving?”.

Unfortunately, it's not that easy. Working out a rough estimated cost for moving from one town to another can be quite tricky as there are so many variables involved. The size of your load or amount of furniture you have is a big factor, and what one family may have in their 3 bedroom home can vary greatly from what another family may have in their home of the same size. This in turn affects the size of your load and therefore working out an average estimated cost for your furniture removals is difficult.

For instance, the size of your load is calculated in “Cubic Meters” and (like most removalists) we have a computer system which allows us to calculate the cubic meter value of a load by entering the items of that load into the computer. This is just one of the many variables which does make it hard to give clients an average estimated cost price for moving, be it across the street or to another town.


Average Removalists Costs and Prices

Average estimated costs of movingSo why don’t we just take 30 cubic meters as an average cost of moving and multiply that by the applicable rate?

Because at Auckland Furniture Removals, we understand that a difference of 10 cubic meters (plus or minus) can be a difference of $1000 depending on where you are moving to and from, not to mention the other variables which will also adjust the estimated cost price like:
- Is it a ground level home or are there stairs or a lift involved?
- How close can the truck park to your front door?
- Can the truck make it down your driveway?
- Are there any antiques or unusually heavy items we need to cater for?
- We will require the use of a smaller truck as a ferry vehicle due to access limitations?

And all of these questions including more need to be asked for both the collection and delivery points.

furniture removals costs and pricesWe will also need an accurate list of all the items which you have in your home which you plan to move. But do not worry about the number of boxes just yet, as we can work that out once you have finished packing and it is getting closer to the collection date of your furniture removals. Some furniture removalists may give you a very rough estimate to move house, but that is exactly what it is with the limited details they have, very rough!

Because of our knowledge which has been obtained through years of experience in the industry, we understand that each furniture removals is different with its own set of variables and requirements. This is why we prefer not to give out average removalists costs and prices as it can and probably will be completely different from an accurate quote which you can receive by completing our Quotes for Moving form.